Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beyond the Boundary S1 E5 - Lanterns are Gorgeous

I'm going to be incredibly honest. This episode of Beyond the Boundary was incredibly slow moving and borderline boring. I do realize that a lot has happened since we started the show and they wanted to give us a bit of a breather after the epic battle against the Hollow Shadow, but I can't help feel like this episode was just mainly filler. Akihito interestingly didn't feature too heavily in this episode. The only section where he really had any prominence was a weird part in which him and Hiroomi outwardly crushed on Mirai.

The episode spends most of its time developing the relationship between Mitsuki and Mirai. I have to say that while I found this episode borderline boring, I do think that the development of the characters (no matter how slow paced it was) is leading to something revealing and crucial to the plot. Mirai gets her license suspended so this episode, though having one youmu fight scene, is rather stagnant and more geared along character development. 

The fight scene was short and left me wanting, but I can forgive the episode for being a bit lackluster. I'm more interested in what the future and culminating episodes have to offer as a viewer. The end of the episode offers a really cute glimpse at Mirai and Mitsuki, as Mirai has convinced Mitsuki to go to the festival, but I feel like the bonding moment is at the expense of the viewer in this episode. In anime there are bound to be filler episodes (unless you are Kill la Kill) and this episode appears to be just that.

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