Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fan Art Friday - Log Horizon Akatsuki

I know I'm a bit late for this iteration of 'Fan Art Friday' but nonetheless I wanted to get one out (even though it's Tuesday). This week's theme is Akatsuki fanart from Log Horizon, the show constantly being compared to SAO by so many Anime fans. I'll leave the debate as to which series is better up to you readers, so feel free to let me know in the comments below!

The first fan art is by AoiTsunami and offers a perhaps even more adorable viewpoint of Akatsuki.

This image by AsakuraShinji has Akatsuki standing in some water, but Akatsuki herself looks nearly identical to the animation in the show, so it's worth the share.

This FF1 based Log Horizon spoof by Kutoal just couldn't be passed up. Pixel Akatsuki is awesome!

And finally we have a closer fanart image of Akatsuki riding a Phoenix with Shiroe by Foluthewizard.

If you have any fanart images from ANY anime that you would like to submit please feel free to leave a comment with your link!

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