Monday, November 4, 2013

Kill la Kill S1 E5 - Get Naked Baby

Ok you can probably tell that this episode of Kill la Kill is another one of those weird 'take your clothes off' plot lines. At this point, the entire plot line of Kill la Kill is basically, 'get naked' but I'm willing to not care (I actually enjoy it). Ryuko has pretty much seen it all at this point, so it only makes sense to bring in a vigilante who for the most part swings both ways on the good or bad scale.

Later in the episode it is revealed to us that the mysterious man after Ryuko's Kamoi is Tsumugu Kinagase. Tsumugu is shown to be friends of Aikuro and his 'Nudist Beach' organization. The entire episode revolves around Tsumugu trying to get Ryuko's Kamoi so that it does not end up possessing her. I found the plot actually kind of interesting as not only did it introduce Tsumugu, but it tried to flesh out a more serious psychological undertone that the show was missing. Through the devices used in this episode, Tsumugu is able to bring another side to Kill la Kill that simply was not in it before.

The development that this episode offers to the series is, in my opinion, huge. I still question what happened to the 'you must fight everyone before you fight me' plot, but do acknowledge that this is an anime halfway through its series and the writers of the series more or less just like to have fun...well at the very least I'm having fun watching,

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