Sunday, November 3, 2013

Top Three Best Anime of Fall 2013

1. Kill la Kill

I have Kill la Kill listed first out of the three anime listed as it is one that is sweeping social sites by storm. Kill la Kill is a dream for anime blogs as it has left anime bloggers like me with heaps of exciting content to write about.

Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill (Photo credit: Danny Choo)
Kill la Kill is a non-stop action packed anime that sees its main character, the empowered Ryuko Matoi, attempting to get vengeance for her father's death. Kill la Kill doesn't shy away from its overt fanservice which has become somewhat of a controversial issue amongst fans of anime, and a trending topic on many anime blogs surrounds the overt sexualization of the lead characters in the series.

Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill (Photo credit: Danny Choo)
While users of message boards and anime blog writers might keep writing about the fanservice aspects of the show, the fact remains that the show simply is an amazing and entertaining watch for fans of anime. If you are looking for something to watch that isn't extremely serious but still packs in tons of action, Kill la Kill is the show for you.

2. Beyond the Boundary

My second favorite anime series of the current fall season is without a doubt Beyond the Boundary. Beyond the Boundary is an incredibly underrated show that Crunchyroll has been offering every week. While this particular anime isn't as funny or fast paced as Kill la Kill, it possesses a highly engaging story that deals with the spirit world on earth and warriors within it. Like Kill la Kill, I've covered this show with anime blog summaries, so if you are interested in joining the conversation I've made it easy for you to do so.

Interestingly, Beyond the Boundary is a show that carries with it a certain amount of charm that the other anime offerings of the season just don't have. The show's characters are strong and have their own set of quirks and issues (cough Akihito and his spec fetish) but all of them add to the complexity and reliability of the characters themselves. Beyond the Boundary is a show that dedicates itself towards telling a serious story, and it deserves every drop of attention it can receive. 

3. Log Horizon

For the third show I've decided to list Log Horizon. The main reason I am listing this is because of its unavoidable comparison to Sword Art Online, another hugely popular video game anime. Log Horizon is another anime that gets the anime blogs buzzing simply because of the comparisons it draws to SAO. While I don't think it has quite the same impact on me that SAO did when I initially watched it, Log Horizon is still a must watch that should not be missed.

Honestly if it wasn't for Kill la Kill, I think Log Horizon would be dominating social media buzz much more than it already is. Log Horizon, which is also based off of light novels, delves into the issue of being stuck inside a gaming world and how the players cope with that experience. The concept isn't new and neither is the execution, but the story is engaging and at times more informative than others within the genre. It's not SAO and I've learned that much in the first four episodes, but it does offer something refreshingly different with likeable characters that viewers can latch onto.

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