Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crunchyroll: The Best Anime Streaming Online

There are a lot of different places that offer anime streaming services online. Some of these places offer it legally and others, well not so much. It is always important to make sure you are accessing the material you are watching legally for a number of reasons. It is very much crucial to support the studios that are making the anime, as well as the producers and publishers who are allowing for the resources to sub and translate it for viewing around the world. Simply streaming anime off of unlicensed free anime sites is not only bad for the person doing it, but also for the industry itself.
When I was a little kid the only options on the table for anime watching was either Toonami or Telemundo. There were times where I would huddle around the television in order to catch glimpses of Dragon Ball Z episodes not aired in the U.S. yet even though I couldn't speak the language. Had the internet been something able to stream into households at the time, or had I had access to a network of just anime programs, I would have been watching DBZ on a site such as Crunchyroll. It's for these reasons and more that I don't mind paying for anime. I actually want my providers to be rewarded for bringing me good content and I want the content makers to get their money via royalty and licensing fees.

Anime Expo 2011 - Crunchyroll lounge
Anime Expo 2011 - Crunchyroll lounge (Photo credit: Doug Kline)
That brings me to you who choose not to pay but to find ways around the system. I understand not everyone has a fat wallet these days, but the cost of buying a months worth of anime streaming is half the cost of a ticket to a movie theater for less than two hours (on average). I simply don't see the excuse to illegally pirate, aside from when you as an otaku can't get a program so you need a fan sub. Crunchyroll is amidst other providers but chooses not to have commercials strung in between scenes, it offers simulcasts and HD viewing, so please stop the pirating.

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