Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beyond the Boundary S1 E2 - How to Kill a Youmu

Episode two is where this series really takes off and starts to make more sense. While the first episode was created as a way to send us into the world of Beyond the Boundary, the second episode acts as a way in which to let us know what is going on. It is in this episode that we really learn what youmu and Spirit World Warriors are. Beyond the Boundary is a show that takes time to get rolling. There are many intricate details that are built into the plot that are meant to pave the way for Mirai's back story.

The episode begins where the first left off. We are brought to the epic fight between Mirai and the mummy-like youmu. Akihito remains in the background watching and observing so that Mirai is able to conquer her fears and slay the youmu herself (something she must do by stabbing its eye).

After Mirai finally defeats the youmu Akihito takes her to turn in the rock left behind (it acts as some strange exchange for currency). When Mirai is brought to the hidden location she is originally taken aback as the appraiser herself is a youmu. This while appearing trivial actually tips us off that youmu range in their form and abilities. In the human and Spirit Warrior world, a lot of youmu themselves are responsible for keeping barriers up to protect members of society. At a hilarious moment, Mirai and Mitsuki walk into Akihito talking about his glasses fetish. Mitsuki teases him and he then becomes further embarrassed with a greeting from his mom presented through a card...only she appears as a neko.

This was a great episode with really strong moments. Perhaps the strongest moment is towards then end when Mirai informs Akihito she can't around him because she had murdered someone in the past and must deal with her problems alone. This episode also introduces us to Akhito's friend Hiroomi, who is Mitsuki's brother, and every time he is on screen we are embraced with a tad bit of awkwardness. 

Beyond the Boundary is an excellent series thus far and if you are getting towards that point of deciding which shows to cut from your schedule, I would suggest not cutting this show. The anime is a bit slow at first but its slow pacing is met with portioned action that has purpose and intrigue. Beyond the Boundary poses a great deal of questions for myself plot wise and is sure to continue to provide a great weekly viewing.

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