Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beyond the Boundary S1 E3 - Mirai's Secret

Ok, wow, where to begin...where to begin... Episode three of Beyond the Boundary is a trip, to put it mildly. This episode is where all of the action starts to take place. After the second episode we found Mirai distancing herself from Akihito. Through some digging and research the beans are spilled all over the floor (and it's a mess) and it is revealed to Akihito that she actually murdered her child hood friend from the family she was adopted into. Initially this is just a hunch that is enforced by Mitsuki through a secret meeting on a train with Akihito, but it is later confirmed to be true by Mirai herself when Akihito directly confronts her.

One of the funniest scenes in this episode is with Akihito's friend Hiroomi. The scene plays out as yet another prolonged awkward moment which is then extrapolated by the reveal of Hiroomi's sister fetish which borderlines incestual, though let's be honest if you are young why wouldn't you be attracted to Mitsuki. I'm pretty convinced that all of Hiroomi's power and control over Akihito and barriers to fight off youmu stems directly from the scarf he wears...which at one point he even takes of and uses as some sort of weapon...scarfs OP. 

Part of the big reveal this episode is that Mirai is after the Hollow Shadow as it possessed her friend who she then killed.Though Akihito was warned that Mirai might be going after the shadow for darker reasons, it's pretty clear to us the viewers that it is more an act of revenge and a right of passage. So epic in proportion is this episode that Mirai ends up stumbling into and fighting her murdered friend allowing a battle for the ages to ensue. 

The area at this point is infested with youmu from the Hollow Shadow. Mirai is struggling to fight off her old friend but is rescued by Akihito, despite being told not to intervene. Ultimately it's Akihito's actions that end up saving Mirai's life and this is where the episode leaves us.

I've heard quite a few theories as to what will happen in episode four or after, but one of the most plausible seems to be Mirai defeating the Hollow Shadow through Akihito. This would somehow combine with his immortality to allow Mirai to complete the task (and hey Mirai loves to stab why not). Episode four of Beyond the Boundary is sure to leave us with a lot of resolved and answered questions. To be quite honest, we are about three to four episodes into most of the new simulcast series right now on Crunchyroll and I have to say, and perhaps with controversy, Beyond the Boundary is currently my favorite even over Kill la Kill which I do indeed also enjoy. What a glorious time for anime right now!

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