Friday, October 25, 2013

Kill la Kill S1 E4 - Don't Be Late Day

Well, Kill la Kill has firmly established its place in my heart. I'm assuming you all for the most part have seen this episode and if you haven't you are missing out more than you know. I don't know how I could possibly sum up this entire episode in a blog I will talk generally about it. Honestly I still am recovering from the constant laughter this episode caused me to spill out and every character had their shining moment.

The beginning of this episode establishes the constant rush and chasing that will occur throughout. Senketsu ends up fearing for his fabric life as Mako's mom decides it needs a wash. With Senketsu in the wash Ryuko is on her own without her power-suit to aide her for what she learns is 'Don't Be Late Day'.

Mako, Ryuko, and the mysterious Maiko who is later discovered to be a villain of sorts. One of the funnier parts of the show is the running gag in which Ryuko's panties are revealed throughout the episode by someone grabbing her pajama pants. The sheer site of it causes different members of Makos family who are trying to deliver Senketsu to her to break out in nosebleeds...even Guts.

Ryuko and Matsoi must navigate the traps that are set up in order to cause students to be late to class. If students are late to class they become instantly expelled. Mako takes the entire day seriously and this is made obvious throughout the episode. This episode is also where Mako is allowed to shine the most, offering heeps of jokes and gags along the way. I particularly enjoyed the segment where Mako was freaking out over not having money to pay for the rail fare.

I'm pretty sure the writers just wanted to go out with the comedy and gags in this episode. The cheese trap and random baby sucking its mom's breast are just case in point examples of how hilarious this show is and can be.

If you are a fan of funny anime shows, Kill la Kill is for you without a doubt. The scenes in this episode are so intensely random and in your face that you can't but help love it. I often found myself drawing comparisons to FLCL which is by far one of the most random and spontaneous anime ever made.

Alas Ryuko does make it to class on time and we make it to the end of this episode. It's sad that we have to return to a somewhat more intense plot after this, but I appreciated and enjoyed the break from all the fighting and enjoyed my fill of bloody noses and silly characters. Episode four of Kill la Kill is anime blog gold and has provided the anime world with some quality laughter that it needs. This show improves exponentially with each episode and has already established itself as a classic.

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