Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Beyond the Boundary S1 E4 - Hang on Akihito

As you've already been able to tell through these posts, Beyond the Boundary is one that has completely won me over and surprised me. The developing story between Akihito and Mirai is one that gets more intense each episode. While this show is based off of the series of light novels which admittedly I have not read, it presents a stunning execution for an anime series that continues to deliver. Episode four stays in line with all of my expectations and then delivers beyond what was expected.

The episode launches us into the full on chase between Sakura and Mirai, which now includes Akihito who came to save Mirai. In the previous post my brain stupidly reported that this was not Sakura Inami but rather Yui Inami, but I stand corrected as this episode revealed her to be Sakura trying to get revenge on Mirai. While fleeing Sakura, the two of them have to navigate a labyrinth created by their memories inception style. In a tiny moment of fan service Mirai is forced to take off her leggings in order to navigate the escalator because the escalator's floor became smooth as the stairs went away. This moment was more or less to relieve the tension of the scene and did act as a plot device later on in the episode as they tried to trick Sakura.

The time does come in the episode in which Mirai and Akihito face the Hollow Shadow. This is where things in the episode really get intense. The battle between Mirai and the Hollow Shadow is thee highlight of the series thus far and offers some on-edge moments that other simulcast anime shows are not currently offering. While it would be nice to see some character development of other secondary characters, I have no problem with the continued focus on Mirai and Akihito.

Akihito's story line in Beyond the Boundary is given more concentration at the end of the episode. We learn just how similar him and Mirai are, allowing us to get a closer bond between the two characters. Though devastating, the battle against Akihito himself at the end of the episode allows Mirai to better understand exactly who Akihito is.

The end of this episode leaves us with even more questions. A lot of suspicion seems to be implied surrounding the secondary characters and it's left me pondering what is brewing in the air. The bond and viewer trust in Akihito and Mirai is in my opinion now solidified through their struggles. Both of them seem to suffer and struggle for their sins, but their suffering is voluntary as a form of atonement. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts behind the motives of the characters in Beyond the Boundary thus far, feel free to drop a comment and get in on the conversation!

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