Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kill la Kill S1 E2 - Ryuko Plays Tennis

The first episode of Kill la Kill is really the gateway drug to the craziness that is the show itself. Episode two takes into account that you have seen the first episode and just opens the flood gates. This of course is not a bad thing as Kill la Kill's crazy is the kind of over the top crazy that drags you up and down on a roller-coaster of excitements and wtf moments. The second episode features Ryūko's teacher who had secretly introduced her to her raunchy Senketsu suit in the first episode. Her teacher is probably the most funny and awkward part of the episode and does a terrific job of setting the scene for the rest of the episode and most likely anime.

Before her awkward moment with her teacher where her suit is further explained, we view Ryuko at dinner with Mako. The food is...well not even really food (unless eating dirt and worms is your thing). I find the moments with Mako to be hilarious. The writers have the perfect formula for just weirding you out enough in order to continue the laughter. I think Mako plays into the whole notion of Kill la Kill not taking itself too seriously. The slice of life scenes with Ryuko and her are some of the best in the show. 

Let's now go back to Ryuko's teacher, Aikurō Mikisugi. After failing to ward off a tennis player yielding a goku suit, Ryuko is met by her which one of the most weird scenes occurs. 

I totally understand that this scene is parodying a large selection of anime and is total fan service humor (as is 90% of the show), but I can't help feel a bit creeped out by Aikuro. Ryuko is 17 and while I'm not sure of Aikuro's age... we can all be sure the fact he is acting as her teacher makes him older and regardless her teacher... This is one of those moments where I laugh, smile, and sigh 'oh anime'. At any rate Aikuro explains to Ryuko how her suit functions and that when she runs low on blood to offer it, she becomes weak. I kind of have to find it hilarious that this guy is her mentor, or at least seems to be developing into the role.

Kill la Kill then gives us another opportunity to view Ryuko half naked as she takes on the same student she retreated from earlier and who is utilizing a goku tennis uniform. I'm also pretty sure Ryuko's boobs grow bigger when she is wearing Senketsu, but that's just a random observation. Ryuko gets the brilliant idea to turn her scissor blade into a tennis racket after the normal racket fails, and then is able to defeat her opponent and save Mako. The episode ends with a brief encounter against Satsuki that is utilized to just build further tension and momentum towards and eventual dual. 

Honestly Kill la Kill can go wherever it pleases as an anime. The writers seem to just shoot out random ideas for episodes and go, 'that'd be hilarious' or 'who wouldn't want a tennis outfit that could kill'. I look forward to future episodes as there is huge potential to do something different and new with this anime. It strives at not taking itself seriously and that's where all the love is.

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