Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Welcome to Otaku Soup!

I've indulged in more Japanese culture than ever this past year and it has inspired and encouraged me to go further down the neko cat hole. As such, this blog's aim is to bring otaku together with anime reviews, opinions, news, and overall posts about Japanese culture. If you are an otaku or just simply want to read about anything JP, this is the place for you!

Now this site is extremely casual. I will be inviting friends, readers, and others to comment and post entries as the site gets more developed and ages. The big goal here is to work together and share the power of the OTAKU! (A strong power to wield.) Please help us by commenting, sharing content with your friends, and letting me know what you want to read or see here!

I will keep this first post short as there is sooo much to write about and get ready! Enjoy all my favorite little otaku and welcome to Otaku Soup!

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