Friday, October 25, 2013

Fan Art Friday: Ryuko and Mako

For my first installment of Fan Art Friday I'm going share some great Ryuko and Mako fan art. Below the images are links to the accounts in order to check out more of their work. I didn't explicitly ask to use these images so if one is yours and you don't want me sharing it let me know! Also, if you have some anime fan art you'd like to submit to the Otaku Soup anime blog, please feel free to comment or send me a message as we'd love to share it!

This first image is of Ryuko and Mako done by Oponok

Let's admit it, our favorite character from Kill la Kill is Mako. Mako picture by Winumeri.

The third image this week is by Vaitranquillo and is an awesome Ryuko and Mako digital art that varies from the other styles you often see.

The fourth image will get your pulse up there if you are a Ryuko fan. This was created by Aconitea and it deserves a crud ton of attention...for obvious reasons.

The final fan art is by Theresnopointofme and is another fanart that is completely out of the typical Kill la Kill style. Also... look how happy Ryuko and Mako are!

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