Friday, October 18, 2013

Kill la Kill S1 E3 - Ryuko vs Satsuki

This is the episode you've been waiting for. By now I've come running with open arms to accept the fact that Kill la Kill is one huge finely crafted humorous fan service, but in episode three it transcends just the realms of providing everything an otaku would want and starts the fireworks firing in full glory. This is the episode that you breast and overall nudity lovers will grasp onto, that you fighter fans will clamor over, and well, holy crap. I should probably warn you, if you are a feminist you will not like this show. Kill la Kill takes no shame in the fact it is a giant fan service and as such almost all female leads in this episode are oversexualized.

The episode introduces itself with Satsuki narrating about her dress that we will later come to know as Junketsu. After this brief recollection we are brought to another creepy scene with Ryuko's teacher Aikuro. Aikuro appears completely shirtless and explains to Ryuko that he has been in a battle against the Kiryuin clan and even worked with her father. He also tells Ryuko that her Senketsu suit is completely made of life fibers and is known as a Kamui. While this scene feeds us more information as to why her suit controls her so much and acts the way it does, I can't help continue to be distracted by how creepy Aikuro actually is. At one point he implies because he isn't her actual teacher and is undercover as she is, that they can act different...oh Japan.

It's finally time for Satsuki to get naked, hair trailing down her breasts, and slip into her Kamui named Junketsu. As far as the show lets on, it operates the same way as Senketsu and makes Satsuki as scantily clad as Ryuko. The self parody of anime nudity and sexualization is hilarious in Kill la Kill and it thankfully tries not to hide it. I can feel feminists rolling eyes and making sounds of disgust, but I think they'd be missing the overall point of the show itself, it is a satire and parody of anime in general after all. 

To offer us a break from all of the tension and seriousness thus far displayed, we are briefly given some comic relief as Ryuko seeks continued shelter at Mako's house. Mako's family then takes it upon themselves to act as peeping toms and spy on Ryuko as she takes off Senketsu. It's as if the writers and animators just wanted to get in as much female flesh as possible in this episode. If you aren't partial to fan service, you will continue to hate this episode.

Alas, here we are in episode three and we are already in what appears to be a huge climatic battle...but not so fast! With both Ryuko and Satsuki wielding their suits Ryuko initially loses her epic (and I do mean epic) battle against Satsuki. Mako then steps in and teaches Ryuko she needs to embrace her inner exhibitionist (she isn't truly one) and not feel embarrassed. After Ryuko realizes she should not be embarrassed of how she looks wearing Senketsu, it is able to then reach its final form that Satsuki is also in and thus match her power. They do not however finish their battle and Satsuki informs Ryuko that if she is able to beat all of her students in Goku uniforms then they can have a rematch and she will tell all if beaten.

Honestly even more so than before, I have no clue where this series is going to go now. We all know that at her full potential with her suit's latest form, Ryuko can beat all of the students. This is a shot in the dark...but I feel a twist coming. We were provided a huge battle so soon and I am not willing to accept things at face value. This could be totally wrong, but is it possible that Ryuko and Satsuki could end up working together? Furthermore is it possible that Ryuko and Satsuki are sisters? These are the questions that I look forward to being confirmed or denied as the series goes on. What do you think?

Oh lord...I can't wait until next week!

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