Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kill la Kill S1 E1 - Half a Pair of Scissors

So Kill la Kill is a thing and a very good thing at that. I started watching this show as soon as it aired, prompted by the news via Crunchyroll that it would be on their site. It's different and it's odd. I've been in need of an action packed tongue in cheek anime and this show absolutely delivers. I should probably now warn you not to read on in any of these season and episode posts unless you've actually seen the episodes...

The main character of the series, Ryūko Matoi, is introduced to us wielding half a pair of scissors. After getting in a scruff with some local children, she eventually befriends the series' comic relief in all her annoying splendor...Mako Mankanshoku. Mako is, simply stated, hilarious. Though incredibly annoying, she presents the opposite of Ryūko's cool and determined demeanor. I'm a bit worried that Mako might become a little too annoying for her own good and I am curious as to audience tolerance levels in regards to her onscreen presence in general.

Then there is Satsuki Kiryūin the 18 year old student council president who issues 'Goku suits'. The interesting thing about this is that Satsuki is actually only one year older than the 17 year old Ryūko. She is set up to be Ryūko's main nemesis who seemingly holds the answers to who murdered Ryūko's family. I mean shit is getting deep here, get ready for the feels. Ryūko has half a scissor of which the other half was used to kill her father. This scissor is able to cut the Satsuki issued Goku suits and thus act as a powerful weapon. The whole big twist the series throws in our face is that the suits are ranked by stars...and thus those with three star suits are much stronger than those with one stars. The star difference offers the big challenge to Ryūko.

What's an anime without boobs... Don't worry, Kill la Kill has it covered on that front. Probably the best catch of this early episode is that Ryūko's later discovered suit Senketsu (thanks to her creepily modelesque teacher) functions only after feeding on Ryūko's blood...yes her blood. Don't worry though, the blood suit concept is distracted by the fact that the suit itself forces Ryūko to be practically naked in its use. Considering the fact her dad made the suit and she is revenging his death...she might want to have a think as to why her dad made such a pervy piece of clothing, I'm sure he didn't have ratings in mind (but the creators knowingly did).

At any rate this is episode one, annoying, cool, mean girl, boobs and blood. That being said, Kill la Kill is a stellar show created from two of the people who worked on Gurenn Lagann and it doesn't take itself seriously at all, which is wonderbar. Just wait until you hear about episode two... 


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